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 <​html>​ <​html>​
 <div class="​block">​ <div class="​block">​
-  ​<div class="​blockText">​ +    ​<div class="​blockText">​ 
-    <h1 class="​code-line"​ data-line-start=data-line-end=1>Getting Started</h1+        <h2 class="​code-line"​ data-line-start=13 data-line-end=14>Reversal and Refunds</h2
-    <p class="​has-line-data"​ data-line-start="​1" data-line-end="​2">Our mPOS solution ​is aimed at people who may not have access to (or requirement for) traditional POS hardwareWith support for Android ​and iOS it makes taking payments ​on the go simple ​and hassle free.!</​p>​ +        <​h2 class="​code-line"​ data-line-start=14 data-line-end=15>​Overview</​h2>​ 
-    <h2 class="​code-line"​ data-line-start=data-line-end=4><a id="​mPOS_Devices_3"​></a>mPOS Devices</h2+        ​<p class="​has-line-data"​ data-line-start="​15" data-line-end="​16"> 
-    <p class="​has-line-data"​ data-line-start="​4"​ data-line-end="​5"​>The first step in getting started ​is to pick your mPOS device from the following list of manufacturers. If you haven’t alreadyfollow ​the links below to see details about your device.</​p>​ +        The purpose of this document ​is to provide a high level description of the changes made to the Worldnet/​AnywhereCommerce System. 
-    <div class="infobox info">​ +The SDK is required to handle the situation where a reversal is performed on a transaction with a certain OrderID that may have been used in more than one transaction attempt. 
-      <div class="​infoboxtext">​ +Transactions with the same OrderID are not guaranteed to be unique, ​and are therefore impossible to single out for a reversal ​on its own. 
-        Before proceeding, please make sure your device is setup successfully. Check the <a href="​doku.php?id=mobile_pos:​devices">Devices section</​a> ​to learn how to setup your device. +In the event of performing a reversal using the OrderID field, the proposed solution is to include a new field in the request to identify what time the transaction occurred in the merchant’s timezone. 
-      </​div>​ +This document reflects the changes made to the Gateway (server side) and the Mobile SDK. 
-    </​div> ​+        ​</​p>​ 
 +        <h4 class="​code-line"​ data-line-start=17 data-line-end=18>Refund Flow</h4> 
 +         <h4>New Flow Refund</h4
 +         ​<p>For the instances where the UniqueRef ​is not returned, the refund functionality is updated ​to allow refunds using OrderId + PreviousTransactionDateTime.</​p>​ 
 +           ​<img src="/​lib/​exe/​fetch.php?media=flowrefund.png"></​a>​ 
 +         ​
-    <h2 class="​code-line"​ data-line-start=13 data-line-end=14><​a id="​How_to_Integrate_13"></​a>​How to Integrate</​h2>​ 
-  </​div>​ 
-  <div class="​blockCode codesample">​ 
-    <h1 class="​codesample">&​lt;​Code Samples&​gt;</​h1>​ 
-  ​</​div>​+        <h4 class="​code-line"​ data-line-start=25 data-line-end=26><​a id="​Making_your_first_transaction_25"></​a>​Making 
 +            your first transaction</​h4>​ 
 +    </​div>​ 
 +    <div class="​blockCode codesample">​ 
 +         <​h1 class="​codesample">&​lt;​Code Samples&​gt;</​h1>​ 
 +    ​</​div>​
 </​div>​ </​div>​