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 </​div></​div><​div class="​bluefin">​ </​div></​div><​div class="​bluefin">​
 <div class="​java">​ <div class="​java">​
-<li>No Changes made from previous release</li>+<li>Fixed issue where ingenico device was getting stuck on "​Insert card" after the transaction got processed</​li>​ 
 +<​li>​Added protection when starting transaction to make sure we are not in the middle of the transaction when using Ingenico device</​li>​ 
 +<​li>​Added support for KSNs to be returned as part of device info for Ingenico devices</li>
 </​div><​div class="​android">​ </​div><​div class="​android">​
 <​li>​Various bug fixes and improvements</​li>​ <​li>​Various bug fixes and improvements</​li>​